The Intelligent Dots Inc. is creating "subsurface camera and video camera", a technology milestone to be written in the history. Its RISI system is a groundbreaking technology for real-time imaging of subsurface structures and dynamics. It is a technology spin-off from Sensorweb Research Laboratory with a patented technology (PCT/US2015/037056). We successfully designed and aerial deployed geophysical sensor networks for volcano monitoring in Mount St. Helens, and are the pioneers on Real-time In-situ Seismic Imaging (RISI) technology. We have successfully built a RISI system prototype with $7 million+ research grants over 10 years.

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Intelligent Dots’s vision is to be the leading provider of cutting-edge sensory, real-time imaging, and interpretation products and services, through research and development combining multiple high-tech disciplines, including sensory hardware and software, big data, distributed computing, cloud computing, geophysics, advanced algorithms, and networking and communication technology. We always look for technology and business talents to join us. The Intelligent Dots deeply understands the importance of connecting every "dot" in the company and sets up a stock incentive plan such that every employee will get rewards proportional to his/her contributions. 



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Founding Team

The Company is founded by people with established records of business and academic success: Drs. WenZhan Song and with his leadership the Company continues to develop its own intellectual properties while leveraging the use of exclusive commercialization licensing of NSF-supported research projects.  Furthermore, the Company retains the service of oil industry veteran, Dr. Mark Houston, as a strategic market advisor. 

Dr. WenZhan Song, Professor of Computer Science and Director of Sensorweb Research Laboratory at Georgia State University, is one of the most funded sensor network researcher with multi-million dollar funding in recent years.  He is a pioneer of geophysical sensor network for volcano monitoring and has extensive collaboration with the geo-scientific community, including researchers from U.S. Geological Survey, Jet Propulsion Lab, and many universities.  He is a recipient of multiple awards from the National Science Foundation, NASA, USGS, and industry.  Actively participating in industry conferences and trade-shows, Dr. Song is well recognized by industry players and in academia as a leader in the fields of cyber-physical system and big data computing research.  As the inventor of the RISI system, at Intelligent Dots, he sets the Company’s strategic direction and explores new market, and he leads the Company’s research and marketing effort.

Dr. Mark Houston has held key management positions at several oil services companies throughout his career.  Most recently he was Geophysical Principal Advisor with Baker Hughes. Before that, he was the North America Region Manager for the passive reservoir monitoring (microseismic) division of VSFusion, a joint venture between Baker Hughes and CGGVeritas.  His expertise includes acquisition, processing, and interpretation of microseismic data primarily used to monitor hydraulic fracturing of unconventional reservoirs. He is also experienced in system design of embedded and remote sensor systems, and integrated data interpretation for long-term monitoring applied to gas/fluids storage and gas/fluids sequestration. His role in the Company is to provide valuable marketing and product advisory services and to introduce the Company and our products to his wide network of industry contacts.

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Intelligent Dots Inc
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Phone: (678)532-8032
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